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Responsible Sourcing

As a responsible company, the Kiril Mischeff Group is committed to ethical, social and environmental principles, working with our processing partners to ensure that decent working conditions are provided for those workers involved in the supply chain of products produced for the Kiril Mischeff Group.

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We require suppliers to complete our internal Ethical Questionnaire, which is based on the ETI Base Code and The Modern Slavery Act 2015. Companies applying this code are expected to comply with national and other applicable laws – and where provisions address the same subject, to apply the provision affording the greater protection.

Suppliers are encouraged to minimise the use of water, energy and chemicals, minimise waste and recycle where possible, dispose of waste in a safe and responsible manner and ensure that all emissions comply with national regulations.

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Kiril Mischeff is also a member of Sedex, the leading organisation for businesses committed to responsible sourcing and improving conditions for all parties involved in the supply chain. All of our suppliers are positively encouraged to register.

Membership of Farm Assurance schemes such as GLOBALG.A.P, Leaf etc and integrated crop management principles are also encouraged. Our Technical Team is trained and certificated to perform Marks & Spencer Field to Fork audits for products that are in scope and require certification for supply.