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Kristal Oils

Kiril Mischeff are pleased to announce the launch of our latest retail brand of premium oils Kristal.
In 2000, Kristal won the “Oil Masters Golden Lion Award” at the “Verona SOL 2000” competition, which is the biggest and most serious test in Italy, and proved the quality of the olive oil from our country, to the world.

The Extra Virgin Olive Oil, which is produced under the own brand of Kristal, which has been operating for more than 70 years, has been chosen as the “Best Olive Oil of Turkey” by the most distinguished olive oil experts and gourmets of Turkey.

Packaging Varieties and Properties
250 ml Glass Bottle
500 ml Glass Bottle
750 ml Glass Bottle
1L Glass Bottle

500 ml Tin Can
1L Tin Can
2L Tin Can
3L Tin Can
5L Tin Can
18L Tin Can





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