Sustainable Fishing Methods

At Kiril-Mischeff, responsible sourcing is important to us. When it comes to souring tuna, we recognise the importance of supporting sustainable fishing methods. We are pleased to be able to offer Pole & Line Tuna caught from the Indian Ocean, as well as Purse Seine tuna caught from the Papa New Guinea region.

PNA* and Pacific Ocean Region

The territorial waters of the PNA region hold around a quarter of the world’s tuna. This includes half the global population of skipjack.
Fishing Vessels working in the PNA region set their nets around free-swimming schools of adult tuna. This is a challenging task, as the vessels must fish across countless miles of ocean. They continuously check the radar and scan the horizon for flocks of seabirds that signal the presence of tuna. The hard work is worth it, as this method of fishing focusses on catching better-quality, mature tuna while reducing the bycatch of juvenile tuna, turtles, sharks, dolphins and other fish species.

Maldives and Indian Ocean Region
In the Maldives, fishermen use a Pole & Line method to catch tuna. This is highly selective, reducing the possibility of catching non-target and threatened species.
The Maldives prides itself in this 900-year-old practice. It is a delicate balance of catching the correct type of fish, but also protecting the marine life in shallow coral waters that could be damaged by Purse Seine methods.

MSC Tuna
In addition to the above, we are proud to be able to offer MSC Certified Tuna. Tuna carrying the MSC blue fish tick is certified sustainable and can be traced all the way back to an MSC certified fishery. This certification highlights our commitment to sourcing responsible and sustainable tuna.

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* Papa New Guinea and neighbouring countries