We’re now halfway through January and, for a lot of people, halfway through Veganuary. For some, this is a month-long challenge after indulging over the festive period. However, as others start to discover a range of new and exciting vegan food alternatives, Veganuary marks the beginning of a lifestyle change.

The vegan market has experienced huge growth over the past few years. Our aim is to be at the forefront of the vegan industry, satisfying the increasing consumer demand for vegan ingredients. Now a leading supplier of vegan meat alternatives, we are continuously predicting the next vegan trends in the food industry. Kiril Mischeff are now proud to represent a brilliant range of vegan products, sourced from highly accredited producers from around the world.

From jackfruit to banana blossommushroom meat to plant-based meat alternatives, the Kiril Mischeff portfolio is expanding rapidly. We now supply a wide range of vegan food products for manufacturing, food service and retail. Whether you’re looking for manufacturing blocks of mushroom meat to fill pastries, or ready-made sausages, nuggets and curries, Kiril Mischeff has something to offer.