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Apple Aroma

Captured from the concentration process, apple aroma is an entirely colourless product that delivers intense natural scent and flavour.

Used by drinks manufacturers to flavour ciders, juices and alcoholic drinks, it can also be used in cosmetics, shampoos and soaps for its fresh, fragrant smell.

Measured in ‘Fold’ rather than Brix, apple aroma is typically available from Kiril Mischeff at 150 fold.

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How is Apple Aroma made?

Apple aroma is created during the process that creates apple juice concentrate. As the juice is heated, the escaping vapours are captured and then returned to liquid – which is then concentrated to increase the strength.

To find out more about apple aroma or to place your order, just get in touch with your Customer Account Manager. You may also wish to look at some of our other other apple products including NFC apple juice and apple puree.

Available formats:

  • 20kg bag in box (aseptic)
  • Drum 200kg


What is ‘150 Fold’ apple aroma?

While the majority of our fruit products are measured in Brix (effectively a measure of sugar content), apple aroma is measured in fold. This is simply is a ratio that explains how much fruit has been used to produce the aroma.

So, when we say our apple aroma is available in 150 fold, it means that 150g of fruit goes into every 1g of aroma. Clearly this is a highly concentrated product, which is why it has such an intense scent and flavour.

What are the most common uses of apple aroma?

The most typical use of apple aroma is in the production of natural flavourings. It’s often added into food and drink products, and indeed can be re-added to the juice concentrates from which it’s made for extra aroma and flavour.

As it’s a natural by-product of the concentration process, it can typically be added back into juices without declaration on the label.

Outside of food and drink manufacture, apple aroma is also a popular addition to cosmetic and home fragrance products – such as candles, soaps or shower gels.

Why buy apple aroma from Kiril Mischeff?

When you buy apple aroma from Kiril Mischeff, you’re assured of a quality product that originates from fabulous fruit. What’s more, as one of the less common fruit ingredients on the market, Kiril Mischeff are one of few food and drink suppliers to actually stock it.

What’s another name for apple aroma?

Sometimes you’ll find fruit aromas referred to as fruit esters. It’s just a more technical name for the same product.

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