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Made from the dried and crushed pips, stalk and skin of the apple – which contain a significant percentage of the apple’s overall fibre content – apple powder is a way of adding extra fibre to a product without adding significant flavour.

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Available formats:

  • 25 kg bag in box


What does apple fibre taste like?

Apple fibre powder doesn’t really taste of anything – and that’s actually what makes it such a popular ingredient for food manufacturers! It is a great way of adding extra fibre to a wide range of products, without adding significant flavour.

How is apple fibre made?

Apple fibre is made by collecting the apple pomace after juicing and drying and crushing it into a fine powder. The pomace is the fruit’s solid remains once juiced, and includes the skin and seeds of the apple, which is where much of the fibre is found.

Are apples high in fibre?

Apples are a great source of fibre, with roughly 2.5g of fibre in every apple. – hence why apple fibre is one of the most commonly used fruit fibres by food manufacturers. The main type of fibre found in apples is ‘pectic’ – a type of fibre that’s often been linked to good digestive health.

Is apple fibre good for you?

Apple fibre is so good for you it’s now commonly sold as a fitness supplement in its own right, with leading sports nutrition brands marketing it as a vegan supplement.
It’s seen as a simple way to increase daily fibre intake, as many UK adults don’t get enough fibre in their regular diet. The recommended average intake for adults is 30g per day.

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