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Apricot Aroma

Apricot aroma is a clear, colourless liquid ingredient full of intense natural apricot scent and flavour. It is captured as part of the concentration process, and typically used by drinks companies in the manufacture of fruit juices and squashes.

Apricot aroma can also be used in shampoos, soaps and other cosmetics, bringing the sweet, fragrant smell of apricot to a wide range of products.

Measured in ‘Fold’ rather than Brix, apricot aroma is typically available from Kiril Mischeff at 150 fold.

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How is Apricot Aroma made?

Our apricots grow in the warm, sunny climes of Spain and Greece. Once picked, the apricots undergo a concentration process to create apricot concentrate.

During this concentration process, vapours rise from the juice. These scented vapours are captured and then returned to liquid, which is also then concentrated to increase the strength of the aroma.

To place your order for apricot aroma, just get in touch with your Customer Account Manager. You may also wish to look at our range of other apricot products including apricot concentrate and apricot puree.

Available formats:

  • 20kg bag in box (aseptic)
  • Drum 200kg


What is ‘150 fold’ apricot aroma?

Most of our fruit products are measured in Brix, which is essentially a measure of sugar content. Our apricot aromas however (and our other fruit aromas) are measured in ‘fold’.

The number represents the amount of fruit which goes into the creation of the product – so in a 150 fold apricot aroma, there’s 150 grams of apricot used to produce each 1 gram of aroma.

What’s another name for apricot aroma?

Sometimes fruit aromas are referred to as fruit esters. Esters are the chemical compounds which give fruits their unique scent.

Rest assured, apricot ester is just a more technical name for apricot aroma – it’s essentially the same product.

What are the most common uses of apricot aroma?

Apricot aroma is a natural flavouring, often added into juice blends or alcohol products for an extra burst of apricot sweetness. Because it’s a by-product of the concentration process, it can usually be added back into apricot juice drinks without specific declaration on the label.

Apricot aroma can also be used in the production of fragrance oils and other products, which can then be used in the creation of candles, soaps, bath oils and cleaning products.

Doesn’t apricot concentrate do the same job?

Apricot concentrate can be a key ingredient in the creation of fruit juice blends and will indeed impart some apricot scent along with the fruit’s natural flavour. However, apricot aroma offers a stronger, more intense scent, allowing manufacturers to control the overall aroma of their product.

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