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Bitter Sweet Apple Juice Concentrate

As the name suggests, these Apples are low/medium in acid, but high in tannin, which gives the cider the astringency and bitterness that is typical of European-style cider.
Our Bitter Sweet Juice is 70 brix pure, natural product with no additives.

Our Bitter Sweet AJC is produced in France from traditional French cider apple varieties. These include: Amere de Berthecourt, Beden, Bisquet, Brairtot, Binet Rouge, Frequin, Douce Moen, Medaille d’Or and Michelin.

Bitter Sweet Apples offer complex, spicy, leather tannin flavours, and add colour, body, mouthfeel and – in the right proportion – balance to a cider that might otherwise be too thin, too sweet, or too one-dimensional in flavour. It is a struggle to get this flavour profile from a pure dessert fruit juice.

At Kiril Mischeff, we can offer both a clear and cloudy product packed in pails, drums, totes and bulk tankers.

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