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Bittersweet Apple Juice Concentrate

As the name suggests, these Apples are low/medium in acid, but high in tannin, which gives the cider the astringency and bitterness that is typical of European-style cider.
Our Bitter Sweet Juice is 70 brix pure, natural product with no additives.

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Our Bitter Sweet AJC is produced in France from traditional French cider apple varieties. These include: Amere de Berthecourt, Beden, Bisquet, Brairtot, Binet Rouge, Frequin, Douce Moen, Medaille d’Or and Michelin.

Bitter Sweet Apples offer complex, spicy, leather tannin flavours, and add colour, body, mouthfeel and – in the right proportion – balance to a cider that might otherwise be too thin, too sweet, or too one-dimensional in flavour. It is a struggle to get this flavour profile from a pure dessert fruit juice.

At Kiril Mischeff, we can offer both a clear and cloudy product packed in pails, drums, totes and bulk tankers.

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Why buy bittersweet apple juice concentrate from Kiril Mischeff?

Bittersweet apple juice concentrate is an affordable alternative to NFC apple juice. If you are a food or drink manufacturer looking to label your product as containing ‘real fruit juice’, this is a great option.

This apple juice concentrate is free of both additives and preservatives. It contains a very similar nutritional profile to NFC apple juice, despite the common perception that it is more processed and unhealthier.

Bittersweet apples offer a complex flavour profile that is hard to maintain from normal apples. If you are looking for AJC that is not too sweet and acidic, bittersweet would be the perfect choice.

What is the difference between bittersweet and normal apple juice concentrate?

Bittersweet varieties have a higher tannin content than normal varieties, leading to a complex and deep flavour profile.

Whilst both apple varieties maintain the same sugar content and acidity, high tannins help to balance the sweetness with a gentle bitterness, whilst retaining all the flavour. This product is more suitable if you’re looking for the bitterness typical of a European style cider.

Should I buy bittersweet apple juice concentrate in bulk?

Given that the water content has been removed from this juice, it is a great product to buy in bulk. Thanks to the smaller volume, you can buy it in larger quantities and easily move it around if needed.

Instead of wasting storage space with large volumes of water, you can add the water back in during the production of your end product.

What other apple products are available from Kiril Mischeff?

Alongside bittersweet apple juice concentrate, Kiril Mischeff is proud to offer a wide range of other apple products ideal for food and drink manufacturing. We supply apple aroma, apple juice concentrate, apple puree and NFC apple juice.

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