Candied Apricot

Kiril Mischeff is a leading UK supplier of glace apricots to confectioners, bakeries and retailers, with a number of options to meet your specification.

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Bright and vibrant in colour and deliciously sweet to the taste, our candied apricots can either be supplied whole, or diced into 6mm or 10mm cubes.

They are supplied ambient, with a shelf life of 12 months.

Pack sizes range between 1kg and 10kg, so however big your requirement, just give our sales team a call on +44 (0) 1909 534 000 to discuss your order today.


Is candied apricot real fruit?

The glazed appearance of candied fruit can make it look somewhat synthetic – but yes, it’s made from a real apricot.

How is candied apricot made?

Candied apricot is produced by placing the fruit (either whole or in pieces) into a sugar syrup. This syrup is then heated, until all the water content in the apricot has been replaced with the sugar.

The process preserves the apricot for a longer shelf life, while at the same time making them intensely sweet and sugary – perfect for use in confectionery.

How long do candied apricots last?

Our candied apricots have a shelf life of 12 months and can be stored ambient without the need for refrigeration. The removal of the water content means a candied fruit will last far longer than its fresh counterpart.

What are other names for candied apricot?

Candied apricots can also be referred to as glazed apricots or glace apricots. Crystallised apricots are a slightly different product – as they’re typically coated in a further layer of sugar.

What other candied fruits are available from Kiril Mischeff?

One of the UK’s leading suppliers of candied fruits, we offer a great selection of products including candied lemon, candied orange, candied figs and a candied mixed peel (a blend of lemon and orange).

Many of our glace fruits can be supplied whole, in slices, or diced to your specification.

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