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Tuna Supplier

A leading UK supplier of tuna to the food manufacturing industry, Kiril Mischeff prides itself on responsible sourcing – using sustainable fishing methods such as FAD-free and pole and line to catch our fish.

These methods crucially reduce the likelihood of immature tuna and non-targeted species (such as turtles and dolphins) being caught in nets as by-catch.

Tuna Supplier UK

Kiril Mischeff can supply Ecuadorian & Philippine Tuna via three methods – Pole & Line, Purse Seine and FAD Free (Fish Aggregated Device). We also have the ability to source globally. Our Tuna suppliers currently catch around 160T per day. Once caught and processed, the Tuna can take 22 days to travel to Felixstowe, UK.

We are able to supply tuna in cans and pouches. In partnership with our colleagues in Ecuador and the Philippines and as a leading Tuna supplier in the UK, we are always looking to the future, with recyclable pouch packaging looking to be the next innovation.

The two main varieties of tuna we supply are Skipjack tuna (main UK demand) and Yellow Fin tuna. Skipjack can weigh up to 35kg and Yellow Fin can weigh up to 200kg. Skipjack is what we find as canned chunks, flakes and steaks in our Supermarkets. Available in Brine, Sunflower Oil and Water.  Yellow Fin Tuna is a much larger fish and can be over 2 Meters in length. This variety of Tuna can be found in Cans but is more commonly found in the Fresh & Frozen aisles of our Supermarkets, or served as tuna steak.

Both varieties are available in tins and pouches, in a wide range of pack sizes from 1kg to 7kg. To place an order, please just give our sales team a call on +44 (0) 1909 534 000.

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