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IQF Apple

One of Europe’s leading suppliers of apple juice and apple puree, Kiril Mischeff is also delighted to offer a range of exceptional IQF (individually quick frozen) apple products.

We can supply diced IQF apple in two standard cut sizes (10x10mm or 15x15mm), and offer a choice of named varieties including Bramley, Granny Smith and Jon O’Gold.

Our IQF apple is typically supplied in 10kg cartons, though other packing options may be available on request.

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What is IQF apple?

IQF apple is peeled, cored and cut to size, then rapidly frozen at very low temperatures to prevent the formation of ice crystals. This ensures a free-flowing product, while locking in maximum fresh flavour and preserving the nutritional benefit of every apple piece.

With each piece of apple retaining its natural characteristics, it’s an ideal ingredient in pie fillings, crumbles, baked goods or prepared salads where identifiable pieces of the fruit are required.

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What is IQF apple?

IQF stands for ‘individually quick frozen’, and essentially means that the product is flash frozen in individual pieces rather than being ‘block’ frozen. The apple is peeled and cut to size (depending on specification), then each piece is frozen at intense low temperature.

There are a number of benefits to the IQF process. Firstly, it helps lock in freshness – so IQF apple retains a great nutritional profile as well as all the fruit’s other natural characteristics.

Moreover, because each piece remains identifiable (rather than being blended into a puree for instance), it’s an ideal ingredient for things like pie fillings or pastries, where visual appeal is as important as flavour. It also means you can label your product as containing real fruit.

Last but not least, because you can defrost and use the exact quantities you require at any given time, IQF apple also results in less food waste – crucial for producers that pride themselves on sustainability.

Is IQF apple healthy?

As per the answer above, the IQF process helps lock in nutritional value – so IQF apple is full of healthy vitamins and minerals, just like a fresh apple.

It is worth nothing however, that there’s usually less fibre in IQF apple, as it’s peeled before it’s frozen (much of the fibre in an apple is in the outer skin).

Why choose Kiril Mischeff for IQF apple?

Kiril Mischeff is renowned for its great range of apple ingredients, including apple juices (both concentrate and NFC), apple puree and harder-to-find products like deionised apple and apple aroma.

Our great relationships with leading apple producers around the world means we can offer a choice of named varieties including Bramley, Granny Smith and Jon O’Gold, and we can also supply diced IQF apple in a range of cut sizes to suit your needs.

What other IQF fruits are available?

Alongside our IQF apple, we have a wide range of IQF fruits including blackberry, blueberry, strawberry and more. In fact, the vast majority of the fruits we provide can be supplied in IQF format.

We also offer a range of IQF vegetables, ideal for ready meals and other products where identifiable vegetable pieces are required.

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