IQF Asparagus

Here at Kiril Mischeff, we’ve developed great relationships with seasoned vegetable growers in Peru and China to bring you a fabulous range of IQF asparagus.

We offer a variety of IQF asparagus options to suit all your needs, from assorted cuts and tips (1” or 1/2” inch) to picnic spears or just the tender, tasty asparagus tips on their own.

They are available in a choice of formats, supplied either in 10kg or 15kg cartons.

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What is IQF asparagus?

IQF asparagus is a convenient and healthy ingredient for food manufacturers requiring identifiable vegetable pieces in their final product.

The IQF process sees the asparagus cut to size, then frozen rapidly at extremely low temperatures, which helps to keep each piece individual and free of ice crystals.

Crucially, the asparagus retains all its natural colour, flavour and aroma even after defrosting, and its vitamins and minerals also stay in tact – helping to bring excellent nutrition to ready meals and other applications.

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