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IQF Avocado

Increasingly popular in recent years due to its healthy fat content, avocado has become a staple item on the menus and food plans of the health and fitness conscious.

Our IQF (individually quick frozen) avocado is therefore perfect for food manufacturers and food service businesses. We have the option to pack in different pack sizes with the most common being 5kg food grade blue bags.

Grown and produced in Peru, using the Hass variety, our IQF avocado is available in ready cut slices, halves, chunks and ‘bits &pieces’. Once cut to size they are dipped in the appropriate mix of ascorbic and citric acid to prevent browning and then cryogenically frozen.

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What is IQF avocado?

IQF avocado is sliced or cut to specification, then rapidly frozen to prevent the formation of ice crystals – helping ensure a free-flowing product consisting of clearly individual avocado pieces.

The quick-freeze process also helps to lock in the fruit’s valuable nutritional profile, making this the ideal way to add avocado goodness to healthy smoothies and other similar products.

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Where can I buy Avocado in bulk?

Here at Kiril Mischeff, we pride ourselves on being a leading supplier of frozen fruit and vegetables to the UK food and drinks manufacturing industry. We have offices in both Buckinghamshire and Nottinghamshire. We freeze our avocados in ready cut slices, halves or in chunks. We then treat it with an acidified solution to prevent the unattractive browning that occurs if this process is not carried out. We think this is the perfect way of preparing the fruit for food businesses capitalising on this healthy trend.

Why is Avocado so popular?

Avocado has become very popular, especially among the health and fitness conscious, as it has many health benefits. It is known to contain a heart healthy fat called oleic acid that helps lower cardiovascular inflammation. It also contains a nutrient called beta-sitosterol (the plant version of cholesterol) which helps to lower your cholesterol levels.

Where and how is our Avocado grown?

Our expert growers in Mexico and Peru use the popular Haas variety. They are native to tropical countries like central America and love plenty of warmth, sunshine and moisture. Once planted, an avocado takes 3 or 4 years to fruit, so we know that once established we have a reliable and responsible source.

Is Avocado good for you?

It is known to be an excellent source of folate and supply more soluble fibre than any other fruit. They are full of useful minerals such as copper, iron and potassium, all vital for a healthy immune system as well as many other benefits. Avocados are also packed with vitamins A, D, E and B6, proteins, amino acids, magnesium, folic acid and if eaten regularly can contribute to healthy hair, eyes and maintain healthy digestion.

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