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IQF Avocado

Increasingly popular in recent years due to its healthy fat content, avocado has become a staple item on the menus and food plans of the health and fitness conscious.

Our IQF (individually quick frozen) avocado is therefore perfect for food manufacturers and food service businesses capitalising on this trend – and represents a convenient way to work with the fruit.

Produced in Mexico and Peru using the popular Haas variety, our IQF avocado is available in ready cut slices, halves and chunks, treated with an acidified solution to prevent the problem of browning.

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What is IQF avocado?

IQF avocado is sliced or cut to specification, then rapidly frozen to prevent the formation of ice crystals – helping ensure a free-flowing product consisting of clearly individual avocado pieces.

The quick-freeze process also helps to lock in the fruit’s valuable nutritional profile, making this the ideal way to add avocado goodness to healthy smoothies and other similar products.

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