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IQF Banana

IQF banana is the ideal ingredient for food and drink manufacturers looking to add real, identifiable pieces of banana to their finished product.

Sliced or diced to a choice of sizes, the banana is quick-frozen to preserve its natural flavour, colour and aroma, while also helping to lock in the fruit’s excellent nutritional value.

It can then simply be defrosted for use in desserts, bakery products, dairy items and more.

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IQF banana from Kiril Mischeff

Our IQF banana is sourced from expert growers and processing partners. Like all our international suppliers, they are accredited to the highest standards and offer full transparency and traceability – giving you the confidence to know where your fruit is coming from.

We supply our IQF banana in 10kg cartons as standard, though other packing options may be available on request.

Just give our sales team a call on +44 (0) 1909 534 000 to place your order for IQF banana today. You may also be interested in our other banana products, including banana puree.


Where is the best place to buy Banana in bulk?

Kiril Mischeff is proud to be a leading supplier of frozen fruit to the UK food and drinks manufacturing industry, and we take great pride in perfecting this art for our customers. We know that Banana is a wonderful and versatile ingredient for manufacturers to add identifiable pieces to their finished products.

How do we freeze our fruit?

We know that in order to retain the natural flavour, colour and familiar aroma of the banana, it is essential to quick-freeze it, diced into various sizes of your choice. The pieces can then be defrosted ready to add to deserts, bakery items, drinks, dairy items and many more.

What are the health benefits of Bananas?

Bananas are more popularly known for their high levels of potassium which help to regulate heart function and fluid balance which is vital for managing blood pressure. They are also proven to have a soothing effect on the gut, owing to the high levels of pectin, which normalises the bowel function and lowers cholesterol. What a super fruit!

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