IQF Butternut Squash

A great source of vitamin A and packed with natural fibre, IQF butternut squash lends excellent nutrition to a wide range of manufactured foods.

The IQF process sees the squash frozen at extremely cold temperatures to keep each piece individual, free-flowing and free of ice crystals – therefore making it an ideal ingredient for food manufacturers who require identifiable vegetable pieces in their final product.

When defrosted, the squash retains all its natural vibrant colour, flavour and aroma, and that impressive nutritional profile remains intact too.

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IQF butternut squash from Kiril Mischeff

As a leading UK supplier of IQF butternut squash to food manufacturers and foodservice companies, we have a selection of cut sizes available (10x10mm or 20x20mm) and even a pre-roasted product to suit a variety of needs.

Typically available in 10kg cartons, our IQF squash is sourced from expert producers in China – and offers the peace of mind of full traceability right back to the farmer’s field.

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