IQF Fennel

Kiril Mischeff is a leading supplier of IQF fennel to the food manufacturing and food service industries.

Our IQF fennel is sourced from expert growers and producers in Italy, and is available diced in a choice of cut sizes, from 10x10mm to 12x12mm.

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What is IQF fennel?

Individually Quick Frozen (IQF) fennel is sliced to size, then rapidly frozen so that each piece retains its natural identity and fresh flavour.

With its sweet, liquorice-like taste and a range of health benefits, fennel is a great ingredient for a wide range of ready meals, salads and soups – and the free-flowing nature of the IQF product makes it ideal when individual and identifiable vegetable pieces need to be evident in the final product.

It’s supplied by Kiril Mischeff in 10kg cartons as standard, although other packing options may be available on request.

To discuss an order for IQF fennel, please just give our sales team a call on +44 (0) 1909 534 000,


What is IQF fennel?

IQF stands for ‘Individual Quick Frozen’ and it refers to a process of freezing products rapidly at extremely low temperatures. In the case of IQF fennel, this ensures that each individual piece remains intact, with no clumping or sticking together when frozen. This process also delivers better texture and flavour retention, improved shelf life, and less waste due to its consistent shape when frozen. IQF fennel is an excellent source of dietary fibre, potassium and vitamin B-6. It is also a rich source of minerals such as magnesium and calcium.

How is IQF fennel produced?

IQF fennel is produced in a multi-step process, starting with the selection of high-quality fennel bulbs. The bulbs are then washed, cut into cubes or slices depending on customer requirements, and rapidly frozen to ensure maximum freshness. Kiril Mischeff offers IQF fennel in a range of sizes, from 10x10mm to 12x12mm.

How long does IQF fennel last?

IQF fennel typically has a shelf-life of up to 12 months when stored correctly at -18°C or below. If you do need to thaw it, then this should only be done immediately before use and not re-frozen. Since IQF fennel is frozen much more quickly than traditional frozen fennel, this helps to retain texture and flavour better over time. It is used in a wide range of dishes, including salads, soups, stews, stir-fries and more. It can also be served as a side dish or as an ingredient for pasta sauces.

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