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IQF Figs

Sourced from leading fruit growers in Turkey, our IQF figs are picked at peak ripeness, then semi-dried and individually quick frozen for ease of use.

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We supply both IQF black figs and IQF green figs to food manufacturers and bakeries – with green figs being the most common, and black figs offering a generally higher sugar content and sweeter taste.

Both fig varieties offer a range of nutritional benefits, and are an excellent source of both soluble and insoluble fibres. Quick freezing helps to retain these properties, as well as the figs’ delicious flavour.

Whatever your requirements, we can supply IQF figs in a range of formats to suit you. From 1/6th segments to 3x3mm diced pieces, we offer a range of slice sizes and can supply in pack sizes ranging from 1kg to 10kg.

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Available formats:

  • Segments (1/6 slices)
  • Diced 3x3mm
  • Diced 6x6mm
  • Diced 8x8mm
  • Diced 10x10mm
  • Diced 12x12mm
  • Diced 15x15mm
  • Diced 20x20mm

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What are IQF figs?

IQF figs are fruit pieces that have been individually quick frozen for ease of use in a variety of food applications. They are sourced from leading fruit growers in Turkey and picked at peak ripeness before being semi-dried and frozen to preserve their flavour, texture and nutritional content. It also makes for easier use in a variety of food applications such as baking, desserts, sauces and more.

How long can IQF figs stay fresh?

Our IQF figs can stay fresh for up to 18 months if stored in the right conditions. Our IQF figs come in a variety of sizes to suit different needs and can be used in jams and preserves as they maintain their shape and texture. IQF figs can be supplied in a range of sizes.

What are the health benefits of eating IQF figs?

IQF figs are a great source of dietary fibre and contain a variety of vitamins and minerals, making them beneficial for heart health and the digestive system.

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