IQF Mushrooms

A one-stop shop for all your IQF mushrooms, Kiril Mischeff offers one of the widest choices on the market – with a range of popular mushroom varieties sourced from trusted partners all around the world.

Through our trusted growers in China, France, Belgium and Poland, we’re able to bring you a fantastic selection of mushrooms grown in optimal growing conditions and offering full traceability right back to the farmer’s field.

Among our range are Shitake mushrooms, Wild mushroom, Chanterelle, Portabello and Chestnut varieties, all available in a wide choice of cut sizes to suit all manner of uses.

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What are IQF mushrooms?

IQF mushrooms are an ideal ingredient for food manufacturers requiring identifiable mushroom pieces in their final product, such as a pizza topping or pie filling.

Sliced or diced to size, the mushrooms are then quick-frozen at ultra-low temperatures to produce a free-flowing product, free of ice crystals.

The IQF process also helps our mushrooms to maintain their natural fresh flavours and aromas after defrosting, while preserving the mushroom’s nutritional value to help bring natural goodness to your end product.

To discuss an order for IQF mushrooms, please just give our sales team a call on +44 (0) 1909 534 000.


What are IQF Mushrooms?

IQF mushrooms are a type of frozen mushroom product made by freezing freshly harvested mushrooms quickly in an Individually Quick Frozen (IQF) process. This helps to preserve the quality and flavour of the mushrooms, as well as ensuring they last longer than fresh-picked varieties. Along with offering convenience, IQF mushrooms have a longer shelf life than fresh-picked varieties. There are several varieties of IQF mushrooms available, including button mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms, oyster mushrooms, enoki mushrooms and more. IQF mushrooms are safe to eat and do not pose any health risks. They are just as nutritious and flavourful as fresh mushrooms, but with the added benefit of being more convenient and having a longer shelf life. Kiril Mischeff offers a wide choice of IQF mushrooms that are sourced from trusted partners around the world, including China, France, Belgium and Poland.

How can I store IQF Mushrooms?

It is recommended to always keep IQF mushrooms in the freezer. Do not thaw them prior to using, as this will reduce their quality and flavour. There are a variety of methods you can use to prepare IQF mushrooms, including sautéing, grilling, roasting and stir-frying. They can also be used as toppings for pizza or pasta dishes. The shelf life of IQF mushrooms depends on the type of mushroom and how you store them. Generally, they should remain good for up to eight months when stored in the freezer. Usually, IQF mushrooms are slightly more expensive than their fresh counterparts due to the cost of processing them. However, as they last longer than fresh mushrooms and are more convenient to use, many people find that the extra cost is worth it.

Are IQF Mushrooms healthy?

Yes, IQF mushrooms are a healthy choice. They are naturally low in calories and fat, as well as being a great source of dietary fibre and other essential vitamins and minerals. Eating IQF mushrooms has several health benefits, such as promoting gut health, supporting the immune system and providing antioxidant protection. It can also help to reduce inflammation and may even have anti-cancer properties. It’s worth noting that while freezing will change the texture of mushrooms slightly, it does not affect their flavour. Furthermore, the IQF freezing process helps to preserve the mushrooms’ flavour and texture better than regular freezing.

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