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IQF Peach

Ideal for food manufacturers and food service businesses, our individually quick-frozen peaches can be supplied sliced or diced to meet a wide variety of needs.

They are sourced from our trusted processing partners to benefit from optimal climate conditions, and offer the peace of mind that comes with full traceability back to the original grower.

Our IQF peach slices are available in 10kg cartons as standard.

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What are IQF peaches?

IQF peach slices are frozen soon after harvesting, in order to preserve maximum fresh flavour and their distinctive vibrant colour.

By retaining all their natural characteristics, IQF peaches are ideal for use in any product where identifiable pieces of peach are required – such as fruit salads, yoghurts, snack bars or desserts.

The IQF process also helps preserve the peach’s nutritional value, bringing natural, wholesome goodness to your finished product.

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What is IQF Peach?

Individually Quick Frozen (IQF) is a process in which peach slices are individually frozen and preserved at their freshest state for long-term storage. This method of freezing locks in the freshness and flavour of the peaches, making them ideal for both commercial and at-home use. IQF peaches have several advantages compared to fresh peaches, including a longer shelf life and easier storage as they take up less space than fresh peaches. Additionally, since IQF peaches are individually frozen, they can be used in a variety of recipes such as smoothies and pies. IQF peaches can be stored for up to 12 months before being consumed.

How do I prepare IQF peaches?

The preparation of IQF peaches is simple; all you need to do is thaw the peach in cold water or in the fridge before using. Once thawed, you can use IQF peaches in place of fresh peaches in any recipe or simply eat them as is. When cooking with IQF peach, there are several delicious recipes you can try, including smoothies, jams and more. Additionally, they can be diced or sliced for adding to other recipes such as salads and stir fries. IQF peaches are a convenient, versatile and nutritious way to enjoy peaches all year round.

Is IQF peach healthy?

IQF peach is a great source of vitamins and minerals like calcium, potassium, magnesium, zinc and Vitamin A. Eating IQF peaches can also provide dietary fibre which helps with digestion and weight loss. IQF peaches are suitable for vegans and are also naturally gluten-free so can be enjoyed by those following a gluten-free diet. The quality IQF peaches from Kiril Mischeff are ideal for food manufacturers and businesses and can be supplied diced or sliced to meet a wide variety of needs in 10kg cartons as standard.

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