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IQF Pear

Kiril Mischeff is a supplier of IQF pear – a versatile ingredient that’s equally at home in fruit pies, savoury salads and chutneys.

Supplied diced in a range of sizes, our IQF pear is sourced from expert producers where optimal growing conditions help ensure high-quality produce.

Like all our IQF fruit and vegetables, it’s backed by full transparency and traceability from field to fork.

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What is IQF pear?

IQF pear is the perfect ingredient for food manufacturers who require real, identifiable pieces of pear in their finished product.

It’s made by peeling, coring and dicing the pear to size, then freezing it at extremely high temperatures to lock in all the pear’s natural flavour and characteristics.

The IQF process also prevents the formation of ice crystals, ensuring a free-flowing, easy-to-use product.

It can then simply be defrosted for use in desserts, bakery products, dairy items and more.

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What is IQF pear?

IQF pear is a type of frozen fruit product that has been individually quick frozen (IQF) to maintain the natural colour, flavour and nutritional value of fresh pears. The IQF product is produced by cutting and sorting fresh pears into a consistent size to ensure uniformity in the final product. IQF pear has a shelf life of up to 18 months when stored at -18°C or lower – provided that it is kept away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures. Kiril Mischeff supplies IQF pear that has been diced in a range of sizes. The product is sourced from expert producers in optimal growing conditions to help ensure you enjoy high-quality produce. As with all IQF products from Kiril Mischeff, they are backed by full transparency and traceability from field to fork.

What are some of the benefits of IQF pear?

IQF pear is an ideal ingredient for a range of recipes, as it maintains its texture and flavour. It also helps to reduce food waste and spoilage and offers convenience in terms of portion control and storage. IQF pear is a healthier alternative to tinned pears as it retains its natural nutrients and vitamins such as vitamin A, C, calcium and iron. It can also be an excellent source of dietary fibre. IQF pear is naturally sweet and does not contain any added sugar.

What recipes can I use IQF pear in?

IQF pear is a versatile ingredient that can be used in a variety of recipes including tarts, pies, crumbles, sauces, smoothies, salads and even savoury dishes. IQF pear does not require defrosting before use and can be cooked for approximately 5-10 minutes depending on the recipe. IQF pear can also be used in a variety of baking recipes as it helps to create a moist texture and keep the fruits from drying out during baking. Also, IQF pear can be frozen after cooking but needs to be cooked thoroughly and cooled quickly before freezing to prevent bacteria growth.

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