IQF Redcurrants

Known for their slightly tart flavour, redcurrants are a popular ingredient in jams, jellies and chutneys. They are also frequently used as a garnish due to their vibrant red appearance.

IQF redcurrants from Kiril Mischeff provide food manufacturers with the most convenient way to use the ingredient – bringing you all the benefits of a frozen product while preserving the currant’s fresh flavour and natural characteristics.

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What are IQF redcurrants?

Our IQF redcurrants are frozen rapidly at extremely low temperatures soon after harvesting, which helps prevent the formation of ice crystals and ensures a free-flowing product.

The IQF process also helps every berry to retain its natural identity, including that deep red colour, tart flavour and rich nutritional profile.

Indeed, high in vitamin C, IQF redcurrants bring not only great flavour, but also excellent nutrition and health benefits to your finished product.

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