IQF Spinach

Through our trusted producers in Belgium and Turkey, Kiril Mischeff is able to supply a fantastic selection of IQF spinach products ideal for food manufacturers and food service businesses.

Our IQF spinach is grown in optimal growing conditions for consistent quality, and offers full traceability right back to the farmer’s field.

We offer a whole leaf and cut-leaf IQF spinach in a choice of cut sizes, as well as an IQF spinach puree.

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Why choose IQF spinach?

Spinach is one of the world’s healthiest foods, packed with vitamins and minerals and noted as a great source of iron. Quickly frozen soon after harvest, our IQF spinach locks all this goodness in – while helping the leaves keep their natural colour and flavour.

Once defrosted, it’s ready for use in a wide range of products – particularly ready meals, deli products or pizza toppings which require identifiable pieces of spinach as opposed to just the flavour.

To discuss an order for IQF spinach, please just give our sales team a call on +44 (0) 1909 534 000.


What is IQF spinach?

IQF stands for ‘Individually Quick Frozen’ which means that each piece of spinach is quickly frozen to preserve its freshness and nutrients. It is one of the most popular frozen vegetables available today because it is a convenient, nutrient-rich product that can be used in many different types of dishes. IQF spinach offers several advantages, including having a longer shelf life than fresh spinach and easy preparation in the kitchen. It also contains more vitamins and minerals compared to other types of frozen spinach.

How do you cook IQF spinach?

IQF spinach can be cooked in all sorts of ways, including sautéed, steamed, boiled or added to soups and stir-fries. The product from Kiril Mischeff is just as nutritious and flavoursome as fresh spinach. The freezing process helps preserve the nutrients, so you won’t lose any of the important vitamins and minerals – and iron too. IQF spinach can be used in a variety of recipes, from soups and salads to pasta dishes and casseroles. It can also be added to smoothies for a nutritious boost – making it an excellent way to add colour and texture to a smoothie without compromising its taste or nutrition.

Are there different types of IQF spinach?

Yes, there are two main types of IQF spinach – chopped spinach and whole leaf spinach. Chopped spinach is great for adding to dishes that require quick cooking, while whole leaf can be used for recipes that require longer cooking times. Also, IQF spinach is a much healthier option than tinned spinach due to its higher vitamin and mineral content – and for its long shelf life. Kiril Mischeff offers a whole leaf and cut-leaf product in a choice of cut sizes, as well as an IQF spinach puree.

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