IQF Sweetcorn

However you want your IQF sweetcorn supplied, Kiril Mischeff can deliver. We offer a wide range of options from sweet and supersweet kernels to daisywheel-cut babycorn and even full corn cobs.

Sourced from growers in Hungary, our IQF sweetcorn is of the very highest quality, and fully traceable from field to fork.

It’s typically packaged in 10kg cartons, though other packaging options may be available on request.

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What is IQF sweetcorn?

IQF (indiviudally quick frozen) sweetcorn is a popular ingredient in the manufacture of pizzas, soups, sandwiches and ready meals.

Because it’s rapidly frozen at very low temperatures, preventing the formation of ice crystals, the corn remains individual and free-flowing – so it’s ideal for products requiring identifiable sweetcorn pieces.

The sweetcorn’s natural flavour, aroma and colour all remains in tact after defrosting, and so does the corn’s nutritional profile – helping to add vegetable goodness to your final product.

Give our team a call on +44 (0) 1909 534 000 to place your order for IQF sweetcorn today. You might also be interested in our wider range of IQF vegetables, including IQF peas.

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