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Kiwi Juice Concentrate

Packed with fibre and boasting around five times the vitamin C of an orange in a single serving, kiwi fruit is a popular ingredient for food and drink manufacturers developing healthy, wholesome foods, juices and smoothies.

Despite processing, our kiwi concentrate captures almost all of these nutritional benefits – as well as the unique, tropical tartness and distinct aromas of the fruit.

It’s available at 65° Brix.

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How is kiwi concentrate made?

The outer peel of the kiwi fruit is discarded, before the flesh is juiced in just the same way way as an NFC juice. However, this juice is then heated to remove a significant proportion of the kiwi’s water content.

This leaves a thick, condensed solution around six times the strength of a regular juice, but much smaller in volume – making it easier to transport and store in bulk. When it reaches its final processing point, the concentrate can be used as is, or the water can be re-added to the kiwi concentrate, bringing it back to regular strength.

To find out more or to discuss an order, please just contact your Customer Account Manager. You may also wish to look at our kiwi fruit puree or at our further range of fruit concentrates such as banana concentrate and elderberry concentrate.

Available formats:

  • 25kg bag in box (aseptic)
  • Drum 250kg

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