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Kiwi Puree

Kiwi fruit puree is available from Kiril Mischeff at 10° Brix.

A natural, largely unprocessed product, it offers great versatility to food and drink manufacturers, ideal for adding excellent nutrition and delicious flavour to smoothies, juices, bakery products and baby food among many other applications.

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What is kiwi fruit puree?

Kiwi fruit puree is a thick, smooth product made simply by heating and then sieving the flesh of the kiwi fruit.

Kiwi is known for its exceptional nutritional profile, packed with fibre, vitamin C and a range of other nutrients – and thanks to such minimal processing, our kiwi fruit puree retains this goodness as well as the natural flavour and colour of the fruit.

To discuss an order, just get in touch with your Customer Account Manager. You might also be interested in some of our other fruit purees, or in our kiwi concentrate.

Available formats:

  • 200kg drums
  • 20kg bag in box


Where to buy kiwi puree in bulk?

Kiril Mischeff are proud to be leading suppliers of fruit purees to the UK food and drinks manufacturing industry.

Sourced from expert, high-quality producers, our kiwi puree is made by heating up fresh kiwis and straining the mixture through a sieve to create a thick but smooth product. Our purees undergo minimal processing to make sure that they retain great natural taste and nutritional values.

From 20kg aseptic bags to 200kg drums, our purees are available in a wide variety of formats to best suit your business needs, be it industrial manufacturing, foodservice or retail.

What is kiwi puree used for?

Across the food and drinks manufacturing industry, kiwi puree has many applications thanks to its superfood status, sweet yet tangy flavour and impressively high fibre content. The most popular applications of kiwi puree include baby food, juices, healthy smoothies and sometimes even desserts.

Is kiwi puree good for you?

Kiwis are a superfood for a good reason – just 2 medium kiwis are sufficient to fulfil your daily vitamin C recommendation! Not only is this puree rich in vitamins A, E and B6, but also potassium, magnesium and calcium. They are also low in calories, full of antioxidants and packed with fibre, which is great for digestion.

Kiril Mischeff kiwi puree undergoes minimal processing, and therefore manage to retain a ‘natural’ status and all the goodness and nutritional value of the fresh kiwi.

Purees are more viscous than juices because they contain pulp. The benefit of this extra pulp is that the puree contains a high amount of fibre and prebiotics.

What is Brix in kiwi puree?

Brix is an industry standard for measuring the sugar content of a fruit juice or puree. For example, a puree with 1° Brix has one gram of sugar per 100 grams of puree, and a puree with 50° Brix has 50 grams of sugar per 100 grams of puree.

Therefore, we use Brix as an indication of sugar levels, and how sweet the product might taste. At Kiril Mischeff, we supply kiwi puree to the food and drinks manufacturing industry at 35° Brix.

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