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Lemon Comminute

While most purees are made solely from the flesh of the fruit, lemon comminute uses the whole fruit for a distinct, fuller flavour.

Comminute can typically also be supplied in lime and grapefruit varieties.

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The outer layers of the fruit are included as the product is pulped and then sieved to remove any seeds – the resultant thick texture and bitter taste making it an ideal ingredient for jams and marmalades.

It’s also popular among drinks manufacturers for use in squashes and cordials.

If you would like to discuss an order for lemon comminute, just get in touch with our sales team today. You may also want to look at our lemon dummy.

Available formats:

  • 20kg bag in box
  • 200kg Drums


What is lemon comminute?

A comminute is a puree that is made from the whole citrus fruit, rather than just the inside. Therefore, instead of just pressing the pulp through a fine sieve, we also include the peel and blitz these together to create a stronger tasting puree with a very intense bitter lemon flavour thanks to the addition of the zesty peel.

Where to buy lemon comminute in bulk?

Kiril Mischeff are proud to be leading suppliers of wholesale lemon comminute to the UK food and drinks manufacturing industry.

Our comminute is a 100% natural product which is manufactured with minimal processing, to make sure that it retains great natural taste and nutritional values.

From 20kg aseptic bags to 200kg drums, our lemon comminute is available in a wide variety of formats to best suit your production needs

Is lemon comminute the same as lemon puree?

At Kiril Mischeff we stock two types of lemon/citrus fruit purees – comminute and dummy. Comminute is a puree made using the peel and the pulp, which gives a slightly more bitter citrus hit, and then lemon dummy is another type of puree made using just the pulp (inside of the fruit). This still gives a full-flavoured citrus zing, but not quite as much as the comminute.

What is lemon comminute good for?

Thanks to its distinct, full flavour lemon comminute is often used for jams, marmalades, squashes and cordials. These are all products that need to have a very intense lemon flavour. If you are looking for something more subtle for use in a juice drink or smoothie, you might be better suited to our lemon juice concentrate or NFC lemon juice.

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