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NFC Apple Juice

Kiril Mischeff is a leading UK supplier of NFC apple juice to cider makers and juice manufacturers, offering a range of high, medium and low acidity apple varieties to meet your specific needs.

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The acidity of an apple depends largely on its variety and where it is grown, with the acidity of the juice making a significant difference to the taste of your end product. Sugar content of the juice is key too – our NFC apple juice is typically available in 11-12° Brix.

We source high-quality apple varieties from all over the world, and can produce NFC apple juice from a single variety of apple or from a blend of multiple types.

What is NFC (not from concentrate) apple juice?

A 100% natural product with the least possible amount of processing, NFC apple juice is made simply by removing the pips and skin and then pressing the apples. The juice is then lightly pasteurised to control the microbiological load.

It reaches you ready to use, full of natural fresh flavour – and with virtually all of the nutritional benefits of the apple intact.

To place your order today, please just get in touch with your Customer Account Manager. You may also wish to look at some of our other NFC fruit juices, including NFC blackcurrant juice and NFC pineapple juice, or at our apple concentrates.

Available formats:

  • 20kg bag in box (aseptic)
  • Drum 200kg
  • Individual Bulk Container (1000kg)
  • Bulk Tanker (25 tonnes).


How is NFC apple juice made?

The NFC stands for ‘not from concentrate’, meaning it’s made with very little processing or additives. NFC apple juice is simply pressed, then pasteurised for a longer shelf life.

It retains as many of the original characteristics (flavour, colour, aroma) of the apple as possible, with only the skin, core and seeds removed.

Is NFC juice healthier than juice from concentrate?

Although NFC juice is a more natural, less processed product, there’s actually not a lot of difference in terms of nutrition. A juice from concentrate can still have an excellent nutritional profile.

In the eyes of the consumer though (with shopping trends currently moving towards natural products), NFC juices are typically considered to be a healthier option, and do command a higher price point.

What apples are used for Kiril Mischeff’s NFC apple juice?

Thanks to close relationships with producers all over the world, we can produce NFC apple juice from a range of different apple varieties.

We can also create bespoke juice blends using multiple types of apple, to meet the exact flavour and sweetness profile you require. Just talk to our team to discuss your needs.

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