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NFC Tomato Juice

Tomato juice is a versatile ingredient that brings wonderful fresh flavour to a wide range of food and drink products.

Used by manufacturers in sauces, soups and ready meals, it’s also a popular ingredient for juice drinks and smoothies – used either alone or blended with other fruit and vegetable juices.

Tomato juice is typically available from Kiril Mischeff in NFC (not from concentrate) format, at 5° Brix.

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Why choose NFC tomato juice from Kiril Mischeff?

Produced with very little processing, NFC tomato juice captures all the fresh flavour and rich colour of the raw fruit. All the nutritional goodness of the tomato remains intact too, helping to bring great health benefits to your final product.

With nothing added or taken away, our NFC tomato juice is simply squeezed from the fruit and then lightly pasteurised to ensure a longer shelf life.

Place your order today with our sales team, and don’t forget to view our wider range of NFC fruit juices too such as carrot and beetroot.

Available formats:

 Drum 200kg

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