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Peach Puree

Peach puree is available from Kiril Mischeff in a number of varieties, with sugar content values ranging between 10° and 13° Brix.

We have red and white peach purees available to bring slightly different flavour profiles to your end products, and we can also supply organic peach puree and baby food.

Peach puree is held as a stock item, so we’re ready to support your needs, whatever the requirement.

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What is peach puree?

Peach puree is a thick, smooth product which undergoes minimal processing to ensure a natural taste and nutrition profile.

It is made simply by applying a gentle heat treatment to the fruit, then passing the broken-down peaches through a fine sieve for a smooth and luxurious final product.

In retaining all of the peach’s natural juice and flesh, the puree maintains the peach’s fresh sweet flavours and subtle colours – making it an ideal ingredient in smoothies and juices, bakery products and patisserie, desserts, baby food and more.

To place an order for peach puree, just get in touch with your Customer Account Manager. You may also wish to look at some of our other peach products, including our peach concentrate.

Available formats:

  • 20kg bag in box (aseptic)
  • Drum 200kg


What is peach puree?

Peach puree is a delicious and versatile ingredient that can be used for baby food, cocktails, desserts and more. It is made by using ripe peaches that are washed and peeled before being chopped and blended. The puree can also be used in savoury dishes such as marinades, glazes and sauces as it offers a hint of sweetness. This means it is also a popular choice for popular desserts including peach sorbet, peach ice cream and peach-flavoured pastries.

What are the benefits when using peach puree?

Peach puree offers a range of benefits due to its nutritional content and versatility; it contains vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin K and dietary fibre. These nutrients contribute to various aspects of overall health and help to support the body’s immune system. It is also relatively low in calories and since peaches have a high water content, making peach puree is a sound choice for drinks and smoothies. Peach puree can be used as a natural sweetener in recipes, reducing the need for added sugars in dishes like desserts, sauces and drinks. For many people, the puree enhances the taste of recipes, adding a delicate and summery flavour to various culinary creations.

Ordering peach puree from Kiril Mischeff

At Kiril Mischeff, you’ll find a selection of peach puree options, each with sugar content levels spanning from 10° to 13° Brix. We proudly offer an assortment of red and white peach purees, each contributing distinct flavour profiles to help boost a creation. Our range encompasses organic peach puree and specialised baby food variants. Our peach puree preserves the natural essence of peaches, this maintains the peach’s inherent sweet and fresh flavours – a superb addition to an array of applications, including smoothies, fruit juices baked goods, patisserie items, delectable desserts, and nourishing baby food formulations. Our peach puree is accessible in two convenient formats: the aseptic 20kg bag in a box and the 200kg drum, offering versatility to meet your specific needs. With peach puree readily available, we’re well-equipped to fulfil your requirements promptly.

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