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Our Pectin is produced from dried apple pomace. We take the apples just before they start to ripen too much, as fruit that is too ripe does not produce pectin.

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‘The Glue’ in fruit cells, Pectin has a number of unique benefits which make it suitable for use in a wide range of food and beverage applications.
Pectin is great for adding texture to confectionery, jams and spreads, desserts, and bakery goods. Its stabilizing properties are ideal for beverages as it reduces sedimentation and therefore the need to shake before drinking.
A prebiotic, pectin is also suitable for use in functional food, and helps to improve the mouthfeel of beverages and yoghurts.
Kiril-Mischeff can supply both rapid and slow set pectin, helping you to create a wide range of textures from smooth and spreadable to firm. We can offer a wide variety of pectin to suit your specific requirements.
Available in 25kg paper sacks.
If you’d like to place and order and/or discuss how we can tailor pectin to your needs, give our sales team a call on 01909 534000.

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