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We are delighted to offer our food service customers both avocado oil and virgin coconut oil – both believed to offer a number of nutritional benefits over more traditional cooking oils.

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Having long supplied high-quality olive oil and vegetable oil to the food service and manufacturing industry, Kiril Mischeff has now expanded its range in response to the latest trend for healthy fats.

Our avocado oil,  avocado and rapeseed blend, and our macadamia nut oil, are sourced and produced in South Africa. Kiril Mischeff supplies each of these oils in 250ml glass bottles.

Our virgin coconut oil is sourced and produced in the Philippines, and is available in 200kg drums, 20kg pails and 5 litre pouches.

To place an order for either of these speciality oils, just give our sales team a call on +44 (0) 1909 534 000 today.

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