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Sun-dried Tomatoes

Kiril Mischeff’s bakery division can fulfil even the largest requirement for sun-dried tomatoes, with our high-quality products available in a wide range of options.

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We supply sun-dried tomatoes in julienne strips, halves or diced to meet your needs, with further options for low moisture, high moisture or low mold specifications.

Whatever your choice, all our sun-dried tomatoes are delivered ambient and ready to eat, packed full of flavour and produced with no GMO or palm oil.

They make ideal ingredients for all kinds of bakery and delicatessen products, salad and pizza toppings and ready meals – or can be enjoyed alone as a snacking item.

You might also be interested in our semi-dried tomatoes, which are supplied frozen.

Available formats:

  • Halves
  • Julienne Strips
  • Diced 3x3mm
  • Diced 6x6mm
  • Diced 8x8mm
  • Diced 10x10mm
  • Diced 12x12mm
  • Diced 15x15mm
  • Diced 20x20mm

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