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Tomato Juice Concentrate

Tomato juice concentrate is a versatile ingredient that brings wonderful flavour to a wide range of food and drink products.

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Tomato juice concentrate is produced by heating the tomato’s natural juices to remove a lot of its water content. The resulting mixture is significantly stronger than an NFC tomato juice, but also smaller in volume – making it easier to transport.

Once the tomato concentrate reaches its end processing point, it can either be used in its strengthened state, or returned to a juice by reconstituting with water.

Used by manufacturers in sauces, soups and ready meals, it’s also a popular ingredient for juice drinks and smoothies – used either alone or blended with other fruit and vegetable juices.

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What is tomato juice concentrate?

Tomato juice concentrate is a versatile and nutritious product that can be used for various purposes. It is a thick liquid made from ripe and fresh tomatoes that are washed, sorted, crushed and heated to deactivate enzymes and release the juice. That juice is then filtered to remove seeds and skins and pasteurised to kill any harmful bacteria. The juice is then evaporated to reduce the water content and increase the solids – this leaves a rich tomato flavour and a smooth texture. The final product is cooled and packed in aseptic containers or drums. Tomato juice concentrate can be used for various purposes, including making soups, stews, casseroles, curries and other dishes that require a tomato base. The product is also good for making ketchup, salsa, barbecue sauce, pizza sauce and other condiments that need a tomato flavour. The concentrate can also be used for making cocktails, smoothies, mocktails and other beverages that use tomato juice as an ingredient.

What are the benefits of tomato juice concentrate?

Tomato juice concentrate has many benefits. It is easy to transport and handle, as it takes up less space and weight than fresh or tinned tomatoes. Also, tomato juice concentrate is economical, as it can be diluted with water to make tomato juice or sauce according to your preference and needs. The product is also nutritious, as it contains lycopene, vitamin C, potassium and other antioxidants that support health.

Where can I buy tomato juice concentrate?

Tomato juice concentrate can be bought from Kiril Mischeff along with other tomato products. This is a popular ingredient with lots of uses so call us for more information about pack sizes and delivery.

How Does Tomato Juice Concentrate Compare to Fresh Tomatoes?

Tomato juice concentrate offers a deep, robust tomato flavour that is often more intense than that of fresh tomatoes.

This concentrated form undergoes a process where water is evaporated, leaving behind a richer taste profile and a thicker consistency.

While fresh tomatoes are known for their refreshing and slightly acidic taste, the concentrate provides a more pronounced tomato essence, making it ideal for recipes that require a bold tomato flavour without the additional water content.

This makes it especially useful in sauces, soups, and stews where a concentrated tomato base is desired to enhance the overall taste and richness of the dish.

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