Fruit Juice Concentrate

Here at Kiril-Mischeff, we’re able to supply a complete range of concentrates, from apples and pears to somewhat more tropical tastes. In fact, we offer a choice of more than 35 different fruit concentrates- one of the biggest ranges n the market.

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Fruit Juice Concentrate Suppliers

Fruit concentrates are produced by evaporating a significant percentage of the juice’s natural water content, leaving a juice that’s up to six times more concentrated and vastly smaller in volume.

This makes it easier to store and move in bulk, before the juice is returned to its single-strength state by re-adding water at its final destination.

Cost-effective storage and transportation mean fruit concentrates are an ideal ingredient for makers of fruit juice drinks, ciders, fruit wines, fruit squash, sauces and desserts.

Leading fruit juice concentrate suppliers UK

A leading supplier and distributor to the food and drink industry, we are particularly renowned for our apple concentrate and bittersweet concentrate, which we supply to leading cider brands across the globe.

To find out more about our fruit concentrates, speak to our sales team or select from the individual pages below.

You can also discover more of our fruit ingredients here. Remember, we can offer our ingredients chilled, frozen or aseptic to suit you.

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