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Fruit Juice Concentrate

Fruit Juice Concentrate Suppliers

Fruit concentrates are produced by evaporating a significant percentage of the juice’s natural water content, leaving a juice that’s up to six times more concentrated and vastly smaller in volume.

This makes it easier to store and move in bulk, before the juice is returned to its single-strength state by re-adding water at its final destination.

Cost-effective storage and transportation mean fruit concentrates are an ideal ingredient for makers of fruit juice drinks, ciders, fruit wines, fruit squash, sauces and desserts.

Leading fruit juice concentrate suppliers UK

Here at Kiril Mischeff, we’re able to supply a complete range of concentrates, from apples and pears to somewhat more tropical tastes. In fact, we offer a choice of more than 35 different fruit concentrates – one of the biggest ranges on the market.

A leading supplier and distributor to the food and drink industry, we are particularly renowned for our apple concentrate and bittersweet concentrate, which we supply to leading cider brands across the globe.

To find out more about our fruit concentrates, speak to our sales team or select from the individual pages below.

You can also discover more of our fruit ingredients here. Remember, we can offer our ingredients chilled, frozen or aseptic to suit you.

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    What is the difference between fruit juice concentrates and NFC fruit juice?

    NFC juices are squeezed from the fruit and left in their natural state, water content and all. This makes them one of the least processed types of fruit juice, along with cold-pressed fruit juice.

    Fruit juice concentrates have the water removed by evaporation after juicing, then added back at the end use manufacture stage. So there’s an extra step in the process, but often not too much difference in terms of flavour and nutrition.

    Are fruit juice concentrates healthy?

    Yes, contrary to popular belief, juices made from fruit concentrates do still bring a range of nutritional benefits – with many of the fruit’s natural vitamins and minerals staying intact despite the additional processing.

    Like any fruit juices, they can be high in sugar – but much of this is the natural sugar that occurs in the fruit. You can see the sugar levels (Brix content) of our fruit concentrates on each individual product page.

    As a leading UK-based fruit juice concentrate supplier, Kiril Mischeff endeavour to provide our health-conscious customers with nutritional information regarding each of our products.

    What are the benefits of fruit juice concentrates?

    Compared to fresh fruit juices, concentrates are typically less expensive once reconstituted to natural strength, easier to store and offer a longer shelf life. Talk to our sales team today for more details on pricing.

    Where do Kiril Mischeff fruit juice concentrates come from?

    We have partnerships with fantastic growers and producers all over the world, allowing us to capitalise on ideal climates and growing conditions all year round.

    Partnering with the best producers means we can bring you the highest-quality fruit juice concentrates every time.

    Do you offer vegetable juice concentrates too?

    Yes, alongside our range of fruit concentrates we also offer a selection of vegetable concentrates ideal for the manufacture of drinks, savoury sauces, soups and ready meals.

    Among the products we have available are beetroot juice concentrate, apple juice concentrate and carrot juice concentrate.

    We’re always adding to our ranges, so check back soon to see what else we have available.

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