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Phentermine 7.5 Mg, Phentermine Fedex Delivery

We are one of the UKs largest fruit juice suppliers and manufacturers in the UK servicing the manufacturing industry in the UK and over the globe. Over the years Kiril Mischeff have developed strong relationships with fruit juice manufacturers and fruit juice processors across the globe. Our close relationship with our fruit juice manufacturers ensures that we are able to offer full transparency to our customers, from field to fork. We regularly visit our juice manufacturing sites to keep updated with crop reports, understand what is to come in the new season and run technical audits. Keeping ahead of industry trends is of vital importance to us, we want to ensure that we have the latest fruit juice products ready and available for our customers when they need it. Therefore we are always looking for new fruit juice manufacturers to expand our product portfolio in order to offer the latest juice trend. It is also important that we offer a variety of fruit juice ingredients, this is why we work with a number of fruit juice manufacturers who specialise in various forms of fruit ingredients, from fruit juice concentrate, to fruit purees, ensuring we offer the best fruit juice manufacturer for our customer’s needs. Most of our fruit juice manufacturers specialise in 100% natural fruit products, our core product range includes fruit juice concentrates, not from concentrate fruit juices, fruit purees, fruit aromas and deionised concentrates. In reaction to industry trends we are extending our core products to plant waters, such as coconut water, aloe vera, birch water and maple water.


Kiril Mischeff also own a fruit juice processing site in Blairgowrie Scotland. We are the largest processor of soft fruit in the UK. We manufacture and process Scottish berry fruits. Processing only locally grown Scottish and British soft fruits within 4 miles of the Valley of Strathmore, centre of Scottish soft fruit farming. We can offer UK/Scottish/English provenance; named single varieties. On our fruit juice processing site we have an aseptic fruit puree processing line which means we are able to produce, strawberry puree, raspberry puree, blueberry puree to name a few. We also have the facility to process instantly quick frozen (IQF) fruits too.


Supplying and manufacturing fruit juice is at the heart of our company. We are confident that we will be able to help you with your needs, big or small. Please get in touch with one of our sales team if you would like any more information.



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