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Fruit Purees

Produced as naturally as possible, using only minimal processing, our range of fruit purees retain the exceptional colour, flavour and nutritional values of the fresh fruits they are made from.


They can be packed aseptic or frozen, ideal for manufacturers of fruit juices, smoothies, fruit jams, sauces, fruit pies and ready meals to name a few.


At Kiril Mischeff, we offer a complete range of industrial fruit purees including unpasteurised purees. In particular though, we are known for our exceptional range of aseptic British fruit purees – including British strawberry puree, British raspberry puree, British blackcurrant puree, British blueberry puree and British blackberry puree.

We are branching out our tropical range, we are now able to offer a diverse range of tropical purees, such a Luccuma puree, mangosteen puree and lychee puree.

We are also able to offer a wide range of organic fruit purees.


To discuss an order of any of our fruit purees, just contact our sales team today.

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Fruit Purees

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