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IQF Vegetable Suppliers UK

Kiril Mischeff is one of the leading IQF vegetable suppliers in the UK, providing an exceptional range of individually quick frozen vegetables to the food manufacturing and food service industries.

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Our IQF vegetables are sourced from processing partners strategically located around the globe to benefit from optimal growing conditions and competitive pricing – with all products fully traceable right back to the farmer’s field.

The quality of our IQF vegetables is of paramount importance to us, so all our IQF vegetable suppliers are accredited with BRC, FSSC 22000 or the equivalent quality standard, and are regularly audited by the Kiril Mischeff Technical team.

Our range of IQF vegetables

Some examples of the IQF vegetables we offer include IQF carrots, IQF onions, IQF peas, IQF sweetcorn, IQF herbs, IQF broccoli and IQF peppers. An extensive selection of these IQF vegetables are held in our UK warehouses, ready to go in pallet loads as soon as you need them.

As one of the most innovative IQF vegetable suppliers in the UK, we’re always adding to this product portfolio too. We want to ensure that we have the latest in-demand IQF vegetables ready and available for you, so we’re constantly looking to bring new trends to the market.

Most of our IQF vegetables can be supplied in a range of different cut and dice sizes to suit your specific requirements, and are supplied in 10kg cartons as standard.  Other packaging options may also be available on request.

What are IQF vegetables?

IQF means ‘individually quick frozen’. The IQF process sees vegetables rapidly frozen at very low temperatures which prevents the formation of ice crystals, ensuring the vegetables are free flowing and retain their shape, taste, smell and colour once defrosted.

This makes them an ideal ingredient in any food products (such as ready meals, pizzas and soups) where individual and identifiable vegetable pieces are required to be visible.

Crucially, IQF vegetables also retain their valuable vitamins and minerals after freezing, lending excellent nutrition to your final product.

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If you’re looking for an IQF vegetable supplier in the UK, look no further than Kiril Mischeff.

With a fantastic range of products ready to go right away, we’re a one-stop shop for all your IQF vegetable needs – just give our sales team a call today on +44 (0) 1909 534 000 to place your order with us.


Are IQF vegetables as healthy as fresh vegetables?

Yes. Research shows that when vegetables are frozen quickly after harvest, they actually retain more of their nutrients than their ‘fresh’ counterparts.

Key to locking in this nutritional value is freezing the vegetables at their ripest and as soon as possible after they are picked. We work with great producers around the world to ensure our IQF vegetables reach you full of vitamins, minerals and of course..flavour!

What makes a good IQF vegetable supplier?

At Kiril Mischeff we pride ourselves on offering quality, choice and value. Our IQF vegetables are sourced from fantastic growers across the globe and come in a wide range of cut-sizes to suit all manner of applications.

Whether you need IQF broccoli in a certain size of floret, or prefer your IQF courgette sliced or diced, we can deliver to your precise specification.

What other IQF products are available?

Alongside our range of IQF vegetables, we also offer a huge selection of IQF fruits. Most are available in whole, sliced or diced cut-sizes, in a number of pack formats.