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Tomato Products

Sourcing from right across Europe as well as China and California, Kiril Mischeff offers a global collection of superb tomato products in the widest possible variety of formats.


Our tomato products for food manufacturers, foodservice companies and retailers – include diced, chopped and crushed tomatoes, tomato pastes, polpa, extrusso, pizza sauce, NFC tomato juices and passata.


Many of these products can be supplied in aseptic, canned, frozen, dried, semi-dried or roasted chilled formats – in a wide range of packs; drums, bulk, cans, pouches and cartons to suit your specific needs.


Products are delivered through a secure and audited supply chain, and via our stock holdings in the UK we are often able to distribute with short lead times.


Speak to our sales team for more details on the tomato products we can provide.

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Tomato Base

Diced Tomato

Chopped Tomato


Spiced Pizza Sauce



Tomato Paste

NFC Tomato Juice

Sun Dried

Sun Dried Tomato

Semi Dried Tomato

Semi Dried Tomato Paste

Tomato Powders

Tomato Powder

Sun Dried Tomato Powder



400g, 800g, 3kg

Suitable – Chop and dice, paste, passata, crushed


Lined Box

Plastic blue lined, card board box


Suitable for Frozen (IQF)

Lined Box


Aseptically filled bag in drum or frozen drums


Suitable for Chop and dice, paste, passata, crushed


Individual Bulk Container (IBC)

Aseptic bag in IBC or ambient fill – plastic container

1,200 kg

Suitable for Chop and dice, paste, passata, crushed

Individual Bulk Container (IBC)

Aseptic Bag in Box

Aseptically filled, sealed bag, packed in a cardboard box

25 kg


Suitable for Diced, Paste, Polpa, Passata, Extruso, Pizza Sauce

Aseptic Bag in Box
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