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Oven Semidried and sundried tomatoes

We care one of the leading UK suppliers of Sundried and Oven semidried tomatoes supplying Bakeries, Pizza manufacturers, Wholesalers, Food service customers, Ready Meal manufacturers , Sandwich suppliers etc

We source all our Sundried and Semidried Tomatoes from Turkey and again offering full traceability from the seed to the finished pack with our food engineers on site working with our contracted farmers at all times of the crop ensuring the finest safe tomatoes for our Premier UK customer.

We can pack Ambient, Pasteurised and IQF from 200 grams to 10 kilo cases which can be under our customer own brand to our own Sundown and Royal crown Brand.

We can offer sundried tomatoes from halves diced and strips from 13-20% to Ready to Eat 35% moisture all So2 free as well as 100% sundried tomato powder So2 free.

Oven semidried we can offer IQF Red Plain and Marinated to your own specification in segments and diced as well as Yellow Tomatoes, also we can offer IQF Re Cherry Tomato halves also Plain and Marinated.

Oven semidried we can also offer 100% natural pasteurised in foil packs 750 gram drained weight again under our customer own label with a 2 year ambient shelf life ideal for the Wholesale and Retail sectors.


What’s the difference between semi-dried tomatoes and sun-dried tomatoes?

While sun-dried tomatoes are fully dried to remove all their water content, semi-dried tomatoes are withdrawn from the heat before they fully dry out – so they stay plump, supple and still a little juicy.

The removal of some of the water content means semi-dried tomatoes have an intense, sweet flavour, but retain a more moist texture than their sun-dried counterparts.

They can also sometimes be referred to as ‘sun-blushed’ tomatoes.

How to store semi-dried tomatoes?

With ambient, pasteurised and IQF (frozen) semi-dried tomatoes available from Kiril Mischeff, storage conditions will vary.

Semi-dried tomatoes can be used straight from the pack, and don’t require any pre-soaking (unlike sun-dried tomatoes), but once opened, it can be sensible to preserve them in olive or sunflower oil, to prevent them from drying out.

You may also want to add herbs to the oil to add extra flavour. This oil can later be used, naturally infused with the tomato taste.

How to use semi-dried tomatoes?

Because semi-dried tomatoes still have a little of their moisture, they can be dropped straight onto salads, sandwiches or pizzas without any preparation or pre-soaking.

They can also be mixed into pasta dishes or sauces, enjoyed with bread and cheese, or served in an antipasti with cured meats.

How long do semi-dried tomatoes last?

Shelf life can vary depending on format and storage, but Kiril Mischeff can offer a pasteurised ambient product that promises a shelf life of two years.

Speak to our sales team today to find the right product and pack format for you.