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Beetroot Juice Concentrate

A great source of iron, magnesium and a number of other antioxidants, beetroot juice has emerged as something of a superfood of late, popular among athletes for its exercise performance benefits.

Beetroot juice concentrate is therefore ideal for the manufacture of health-focused smoothies, raw juices and sports nutrition drinks – and it’s available from Kiril Mischeff at 68° Brix.

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Why choose beetroot concentrate from Kiril Mischeff?

Our high-quality beetroot concentrate is made from carefully selected beets, which have been juiced and then heated to reduce the water volume.

The resultant mixture is far stronger than a regular beetroot juice, but can be re-mixed with water once it reaches its final processing destination to bring it back to standard strength.

Despite this extra processing, the beetroot concentrate retains the vast majority of the beet’s natural goodness, making it an exceptional ingredient for flavouring and colouring a wide range of products.

To place an order for beetroot concentrate, please just contact your Customer Account Manager. You may also wish to take a look at our beetroot puree.

Available formats:

  • 20kg bag in box
  • Drum 200kg


What is beetroot juice concentrate?

Beetroot juice concentrate is a popular ingredient for many food and beverage products, thanks to its vibrant colour, natural sweetness and health benefits. It is a liquid product made from fresh beetroots that are washed, peeled, chopped and pressed to extract their juice. The juice is then filtered, pasteurised and evaporated to remove most of the water and create a thick, concentrated syrup. It is a versatile ingredient that can add flavour, colour and nutrition to many dishes and drinks. It can be used in smoothies, soups, sauces, dips, dressings, marinades, cakes, muffins, cookies, ice creams and more. You can also use it as a natural food colouring for pasta, bread, rice and other grains.

What are the benefits of beetroot juice concentrate?

Beetroot juice concentrate is rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. These compounds may help lower blood pressure, improve blood flow, boost immunity and support liver function. Beetroot juice concentrate is also vegan and gluten-free, as it is made from 100% pure beetroot juice with no added sugar, preservatives or other ingredients. It should be stored in a cool, dry and dark place away from direct sunlight and heat sources. Once opened, it should be refrigerated and consumed within a few days.

Where can I buy beetroot juice concentrate?

You can buy beetroot juice concentrate from Kiril Mischeff, a leading supplier of fruit and vegetable ingredients for the food and beverage industry. Kiril Mischeff offers beetroot juice concentrate in a 20kg bag in box format or a 200kg drum. We can also offer beetroot puree.

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