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We’re always innovating here at Kiril Mischeff, developing new product ranges and new relationships with exciting suppliers. Here’s where you’ll find all our latest news.



Phentermine Diet Pills Cheap, Buy Phentermine Next Day Delivery

Following the successful launch of our Pure South Press Avocado Oil in 2016, we are very excited to announce the arrival of two new cooking oil blends into the UK. All products are cold pressed and of extra-virgin quality, making them a healthy option for drizzling, dressing and dipping. Our Avocado and Rapeseed blend boasts 50% less saturated fat than... Read More

Daiya Dairy Free products now available via Kiril Mischeff

K.M is pleased to be the official U.K importer / distributor of the leading dairy free range of products from Daiya. The Daiya range of products is plant based and deliciously dairy free, and contains no animal products or soya, casein, lactose, whey, wheat, barley, gluten or nuts.. Daiya believe a plant-based lifestyle is better on three counts: for self,... Read More

Glenryck now available from Kiril Mischeff

Kiril Mischeff are pleased to be able to offer Glenryck pilchards and sardines in tomato sauce and sunflower oil for the independent trade. Since 1937, Glenryck has been the UK leading brand of oil rich canned fish products.   Nutritious, tasty, and convenient are perfect as part of balanced diet, as including two portions of oily fish a week can... Read More

#UMAMI features in Jamie Oliver’s latest book! 5 Ingredients

A range of products by Kiril Mischeff’s Creative Director Laura Santtini has been selected by Jamie Oliver as essential ingredients in his new 5 INGREDIENTS cook book. His latest book was published this week to accompany the successful Channel 4 series of the same name. Using only 5 ingredients per recipe it helps the humble home cook to prepare delicious... Read More

Taste #5 products to launch in Dutch supermarket Albert Heijn

We are pleased to announce the launch of the Bomba! XXX and Umami Bomb Mediterranean paste 70g Albert Heijn Supermarkets, from the 14th of August. Named after the founder of its first store in Oostzaan in 1887, Albert Heijn is Holland’s largest supermarket chain. Regarding the products, Bomba! XXX is  natural, ready-to-eat tomato sauce that delivers slow food flavours fast! Made... Read More

Phentermine Diet Pills Cheap, Buy Phentermine Next Day Delivery

We are committed to respecting and protecting your privacy.  Any data you submit to us will be held and protected by us in accordance with our Phentermine Capsules Online.