Dehydrated, Pre-Cooked Beans & Pulses

Kiril Mischeff are a leading supplier of wholesale beans and pulses for the UK food manufacturing industry. From baked beans, black beans, kidney beans and pinto beans to lentils and chickpeas, we stock an exceptional range of beans and pulses sourced from high quality, trusted suppliers.

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Our beans and pulses are all precooked and dehydrated, so have a quick cooking time of 5-10 minutes, without needing to be soaked before use. This reduction of cooking time makes them the ideal ingredient to save time in food manufacturing.

Not only can you buy our beans whole, but we can also offer them as flour or grits (which add a lovely crunch), to suit your manufacturing needs. These can make a great high protein addition to soups, bakery products, snacks, veggie burgers, vegan products and more.

No matter what wholesale beans and pulses you’re looking for, our sales team will be able to provide them in virtually any packaging you require – while our in-house team makes sure all the products we distribute adhere to strict accreditation guidelines. Get in touch with our sales team today