From pumpkin, sunflower, chia, sesame and poppy seeds to many more, Kiril Mischeff are a leading supplier of seeds to the UK food and drink manufacturing industry. From small sachets to bulk bags, we can supply seeds in a range of pack formats to suit your needs and can also produce bespoke seed blends to your specification.

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Our seeds are perfect for industrial, food service and retail customers who require seeds for bakery products, energy bars, snacks, smoothies and health products.

We pride ourselves on bringing the widest variety of high quality seeds possible to our customers, in a format or blend that suits them. To help us do this, we’ve established long-standing relationships with first-class growers all around the world.

To discover our exceptional range of seeds, just click on the headings above – even if the product you’re looking for isn’t listed here, we may well still be able to supply it. Just give our sales team a call and we’ll always do our very best to source the seeds or blend you need.