Frozen Foods

From IQF fruit and veg, to potatoes, ready meals, pastries and quiches, Kiril Mischeff are a leading supplier of wholesale frozen foods to the UK food manufacturing industry. We stock a wide range of products in a variety of sizes, perfect for industrial, food service and retail customers.

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Our frozen fruit and veg are all IQF, which stands for ‘individually quick frozen’, but can also be known as ‘flash freezing’. IQF foods are preferable because each individual piece of food is frozen separately. For example, a bag of IQF peas would not contain a solid block of frozen peas, because each pea is individually frozen, and is therefore loose inside the bag, making the product much easier to work with.

The rest of our pre-prepared frozen food are already part-cooked, so simply require heating. They are all available in both retail and foodservice packaging.

We pride ourselves on bringing the widest choice possible to our customers. To help us do this, we have established long-standing relationships with first-class growers and producers all over the globe – and we are building links with exceptional new partners all the time.

Whatever wholesale frozen ingredients you require, our sales team will endeavour to provide them to you in the perfect quantity and packaging, whilst our in-house technical team makes sure all the products we distribute adhere to strict accreditation guidelines.

Just give us a call if you’d like to find out more.