IQF Herbs

IQF herbs are quick-frozen to preserve their natural fresh flavour, aroma and appearance – making them ideal ingredients in foods which require herbs to be evident and identifiable.

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About our IQF herbs

Our IQF herbs can be supplied in a range of cut sizes and stem ratios to suit your needs.

They are sourced from top producers in Belgium, and offer the peace of mind of full transparency and traceability right back to the grower’s field.

They are an essential for any commercial kitchen, and here at Kiril Mischeff we provide a one-stop shop for all the herbs and spices you’ll ever need:

  • IQF Basil
  • IQF Basil + 20% stems
  • IQF Basil + 50% stems
  • IQF Bear’s garlic
  • IQF Borage
  • IQF Burnet
  • IQF Chervil
  • IQF Chili peppers green
  • IQF Chili peppers red
  • IQF Chives rings
  • IQF Chives diced
  • IQF Coriander
  • IQF Coriander + 20% stems
  • IQF Coriander + 30% stems
  • IQF Dill
  • IQF Dill + 20% stems
  • IQF Garden cress
  • IQF Lemon grass
  • IQF Lovage
  • IQF Marjoram
  • IQF Mint
  • IQF Oregano
  • IQF Parsley (flat/curly)
  • IQF Rocket
  • IQF Rosemary
  • IQF Rosemary needles
  • IQF Sage
  • IQF Savory
  • IQF Shallot cubes
  • IQF Sorrel
  • IQF Spearmint
  • IQF Spring onion
  • IQF Tarragon
  • IQF Thai Basil
  • IQF Thyme
  • IQF Watercress + 70% stems
  • IQF Watercress

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