IQF Peas

Kiril Mischeff is a leading UK supplier of IQF peas, with a range of grades available to suit a variety of food manufacturing and food service applications.

We can offer high-quality grade A frozen peas (tender and bright in colour), right through to grade D peas that are ideal for use in soups. We also offer the smaller, sweeter petit pois variety.

All are available in 10kg cartons.

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Sourced both here in the UK and in Belgium, our IQF peas can be fully traced back to the grower, providing full transparency and peace of mind for our customers.

What are IQF peas?

IQF (individually quick frozen) peas are rapidly frozen at very low temperatures to prevent the formation of ice crystals, thus ensuring a free-flowing product and allowing the peas to retain their natural identity.

They are therefore ideal for any food application requiring identifiable vegetable pieces, for instance pie fillings, soups or ready meals.

IQF peas also retain their valuable vitamins and minerals – helping to bring good nutrition to your final product.

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What are IQF peas?

IQF peas are ‘Individually Quick Frozen’ (IQF) peas that have been harvested at their peak ripeness and frozen shortly after, preserving their freshness and flavour for up to 12 months. IQF peas are an excellent source of fibre, protein, vitamins A and C, iron and calcium. They are also low in fat and calories. They can be organic or conventional, depending on the supplier; Kiril Mischeff offers certified organic IQF Peas for those who prefer organic products. They are a nutritious addition to any meal.

How are IQF peas used?

IQF peas can be cooked in several ways including boiling, steaming, sautéing and roasting. These peas are commonly used as an ingredient in soups, salads, stews, casseroles and risottos. They can also be added to pasta dishes, stir-fries and other side dishes for extra flavour and texture. IQF peas require no special preparation. As a leading supplier of IQF peas, the Kiril Mischeff offering ranges from high-quality grade A frozen peas that are tender and bright in colour, right through to grade D peas that are ideal for use in soups. The smaller, sweeter petit pois variety is also available.

What are the benefits of using IQF peas instead of tinned or fresh peas?

IQF peas offer a convenient way to enjoy the freshness and flavour of peas all year round. They also retain more of their nutritional benefits than tinned or fresh peas because they are frozen shortly after harvesting. The peas are available in a variety of sizes and packaging styles including bags, boxes, drums and bulk packaging. It helps that Kiril Mischeff’s IQF peas are sustainably sourced from carefully selected suppliers and the minimum order size for this product is 1kg.

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