IQF Green Beans

With their excellent nutritional profile and delicious flavour, IQF green beans make an ideal addition to a wide range of healthy ready meals and snacks.

Here at Kiril Mischeff, we are a leading supplier of green beans to food manufacturers across Europe – with a range of products in our portfolio including whole green beans, fine green beans and broad beans.

All our IQF green beans are sourced in the UK and Belgium, and provide full traceability all the way from field to fork. They are typically supplied in 10kg cartons.

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What are IQF green beans?

IQF stands for individually quick frozen. The beans are picked, washed and cut, then frozen at ultra-low temperature to prevent the formation of ice crystals. This keeps the product free-flowing with individual pieces – ideal when you need identifiable vegetable pieces in your final product.

The IQF process also ensures that the beans retain all their natural colours, flavours and textures – as well as those all-important vitamins and minerals.

To discuss an order for IQF green beans, just give us a call on +44 (0) 1909 534 000 today. You may also want to view our further range of IQF vegetables, including IQF peas and IQF carrot.

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