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Date Puree Concentrate

Typically available from Kiril Mischeff at 71° Brix, date puree concentrate is a thick product that is first pureed, then concentrated – retaining most of the natural goodness in the fruit.

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Our date puree concentrate is sourced from expert producers in Turkey.

To discuss your order or find out more about the product, just get in touch with your Customer Account Manager. You might also be interested in our unconcentrated date puree.

Available formats:

  • 25kg bag in box (aseptic)
  • Drum 250kg


What is the difference between date puree and date puree concentrate?

Puree concentrate is processed from the original puree, through a thermal concentrating process to remove water content. This leaves a solution, which is much stronger than a regular puree and has the potential for a longer expiration date. This provides economical storage benefits and can simply be brought back to strength by adding water in the production of your end product.

What is date puree concentrate used for?

Across the food and drinks manufacturing industry, date puree is used in many products including baby food, smoothies, sauces, desserts, bakery products and breakfast bars, thanks to its great nutritional profile, sweet flavour and impressively high fibre content.

How to use date puree as a sugar substitute?

Using date puree is great alternative to using refined sugars in health products. In a market which obsesses over healthy and natural products, replacing refined sugar with date puree could give your products the potential to command a higher price point. Here at Kiril Mischeff we predict this will get even more popular in years to come.

Date puree concentrate doesn’t just add 100% natural sweetness to food products, it also adds a variety of health benefits.

Is date puree concentrate good for you?

Kiril Mischeff’s date puree concentrate manages to retain much of the goodness and nutritional value of the fresh fruit.

Fruit purees are more viscous than juices because they contain pulp. The benefit of this extra pulp is that the puree contains a high amount of fibre. Dates are renowned for their high fibre content, which means they are great for aiding digestion.

Date puree is also a great source of vitamin K and minerals including potassium, calcium and magnesium, which are all great for bone health.

Many fruit purees are processed and full of preservatives and added sugar, leaving them high in calories, but Kiril Mischeff date puree is naturally produced, making it a great healthy option.

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